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Membership Cancellation

Membership (Re-billing) Cancellation requests must be received at least 2 days before your membership renews or you will be re-billed for the following billing cycle.

If there is a problem with your membership, please contact us and have us correct the fault before you cancel your membership. We are usually very fast to solve your problems and reply, so you may regret cancelling your membership later, if you haven't contacted us to ask for our help.

We recommend that you cancel your membership using the link provided on the Customer Support page of the site you are a member of (you will need to log into the site and go to the "membership cancellation" section of the support page). The biller you have used to join the site will be highlighted and a link provided to their cancellation page, where it should only take a couple of minutes to cancel your membership online.
Before going any further with the cancelation process,
please select which billing company you used to join the site.
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